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Looking for native plant liners? See them all at the Native Plant Show.

Whether you’re looking to grow trees, shrubs, flowering plants, grasses or aquatics, we have exhibitors with the starter plants you need this Thursday-Friday, April 10-11, in Kissimmee at the NATIVE PLANT SHOW. Some of the exhibitors offering liners at the show: Agri-Starts and Brightman Logan with tissue-cultured All Native selections of Viburnum obovatum ‘Withlacoochee’, Hamelia [...]

Find out what works — and what doesn’t — Native Plant Landscapes Lessons Learned

Planting next to concrete & asphalt? Dealing with lousy urban soils or fill dirt? Got fluctuating water levels on your site? Clients demanding plants that aren’t available or won’t work? Working with different companies for installation and maintenance? Ripping all the plants out two seasons later? We’ve been planting natives for 30+ years and guess [...]

Who comes to the show?

Select list of organizations who sent staff to the 2014 show: A & K Land Planning & Design A Landscape VisionAmerican Native Plants Anderson Lesniak Limited Argentine Landscaping CompanyAtlantic Star Landscape Architecture/Living Roofs Beech Annuals Biological Tree & Landscape ServicesCanin Associates CARDNO EntrixCareywood Landscape Design Carlos Somoza Landscape Design Cary Ransome Landscape Design CDM Smith [...]

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