for Community Association Managers

Managed communities represent the majority of new residential development in Florida. If they're not GREEN, we're all in trouble.

Managed communities represent the majority of new residential development in Florida. If they’re not REAL GREEN, we’re all in trouble!

Community associations want landscapes that look fantastic, reduce water and energy consumption, and make residents happy. If they can save money on maintenance, all the better. But what’s the top complaint in most communities? The landscaping!

  • Learn what makes REAL Florida-Friendly landscapes work for associations
  • See beautiful new plants you can incorporate now into your landscapes
  • Find the best professional resources for attractive sustainable landscapes
  • Have fun at the show & earn CAM continuing education units
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Successful landscapes happen when everyone– CAMs, volunteer board members and contractors–understands and supports what goes into designing sustainable landscapes. FANN* offers unique site assessment, plant selection and maintenance information you can’t get anywhere else. Classes that help you:

  • understand what contractors have to consider in designing, installing and maintaining sustainable landscapes.
  • get inspired by fun new ways to engage your residents in the landscape, connecting them to nature and the broader community.

CAM CE credits* offered on THURS APR 20 & FRI APR 21

Earn up to 4 CEs in Operation of Physical Property (OPP)/Elective (ELE)
Fit your schedule: 1-4 CE credits, 6 class choices
8-9AM Successful Large-Scale Wildflower Plantings
Replacing turfgrass with wildflowers can reduce water consumption and provide other benefits. Learn what goes into planning, preparing and maintaining attractive large-scale wildflower meadows. Course #9628498 – 1 credit hour OPP/ELE
Using South Florida’s Best Native Landscape Plants
Learn why plants and landscapes in South Florida fail to thrive and how your community can achieve more attractive sustainable landscapes using beautiful native trees, shrubs and flowering plants. Course #9628503 – 1 credit hour OPP/ELE
Homeowner Preferences and Eco-Friendly Landscape Designs
Wish you could read homeowner minds? Learn about the latest research from the University of Florida, using technology that helps assess how homeowners really look at and perceive different landscape styles. Course #9628501 – 1 credit hour OPP/ELE
1-2PM Butterfly Gardens Set the Stage for Citizen Science
Enjoy Disney’s creative genius and learn how butterfly and pollinator gardens combined with citizen science engagement techniques can deepen our connections to nature, make us all happier and enhance the value of our landscapes. Course #9628500 – 1 credit hour OPP/ELE.
Wild Design that Works: Bringing Native Plants to Town
There’s more to Real Florida-friendly design than “right plant, right place.” Learn how Mother Nature’s planting palette can help you achieve landscapes that are beautiful, feel comfortable and are more easily maintained. Course #9628504 – 1 credit hour OPP/ELE

Ethnobotanical Gardens: Telling Florida’s Cultural History with Native Plants
Enjoy landscapes that are beautiful, educational and entertaining. Learn about plants used by Native Americans and pioneers for food, medicine, shelter, hunting, fishing, transportation and household goods. Course #9628502 – 1 credit hour OPP/ELE

FRIDAY April 21
Earn 1 Operation of Physical Property/Elective CEs + get in-depth info & see examples of successful association landscapes

9-10AM Lawns to Native Plants: Getting Results
See how beautiful Florida-friendly can be! Learn to successfully educate homeowners and work with skilled professionals to achieve beautiful sustainable landscapes that dramatically reduce water consumption. Course #9628499 – 1 credit hour OPP/ELE.
12:30PM FREE 20 minute session
Native Landscapes in The Villages: Covenants, Restrictions and Acceptance
See and hear what works! Discuss approved landscape plans and learn about navigating the low-no turfgrass approval process and gaining acceptance from the neighbors.

Native landscape in The Villages

Early image of a native landscape in The Villages. The landscape is now even more beautiful and well accepted, having prompted many more transformations in a community that demands a relatively formal landscape look. Learn how it happened and continues at the show!

*FANN is an approved Provider # 0005309 by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers for the provision of continuing education to Community Association Managers (CAMs).