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THURS Apr 20

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Click class titles to see full course description and detailed continuing education information. Classes marked *CE qualify for Landscape Architect and Community Association Manager Continuing Education (CE) units. All classes one hour except FREE sessions and Laws & Rules (2 hours).

08:00 AM

Successful Large-Scale Wildflower Plantings

by Terry Zinn 

CE* Wildflower plantings can replace turf and other resource-intensive landscaping to conserve resources and enhance pollinator habitat. This class provides professional guidelines and considerations for successful large-scale wildflower plantings in commercial development and transportation corridors. The course will address design criteria, site selection, species selection, costs, common challenges and benefits of large scale wildflower plantings. […]

09:00 AM

Using South Florida’s Best Native Landscape Plants

by Stephen Brown 

CE* Communities need attractive, sustainable landscapes that enhance property value and resident enjoyment while conserving resources and preserving biodiversity. Learn why plants and landscapes in South Florida fail to thrive and how one can achieve a more sustainable solution. The class will review the use of native plants in three different styles of landscaping, examining […]

09:00 AM

Homeowner Preferences and Eco-Friendly Landscapes

by Hayk Khachatryan  , Gail Hansen  ,

CE* This course will provide deeper insight into homeowner preferences regarding design and maintenance of eco-friendly and reduced turfgrass residential landscapes in Florida. Eco-friendly landscapes have the potential to conserve resources but community aesthetics and maintenance requirements are often a challenge for these landscapes. Improper landscaping practices can have adverse environmental consequences. Many homeowners do […]

10:00 AM

Center Hall: Southeast Alcove

Plant Sale for Attendees Only

Early sale for registered Native Plant Show attendees only on Thursday, 10am-5pm, indoors in Center Hall alcove. All proceeds benefit the Florida Association of Native Nurseries (FANN). Many thanks to Sweet Bay Nursery owner Tom Heitzman, Plant Sale Chair, Serenoa Chapter FNPS volunteers and our student volunteers for their generous assistance.

01:00 PM

Butterfly Gardens Set the Stage for Citizen Science

by Zak Gezon 

CE* The perfect landscape is not only life-filled, sustainable and beautiful, but is an engaging place that provides opportunities to make strong, informed connections with nature. Consider how your landscape can go a step further by helping visitors observe and collect information that inspires and helps everyone better understand and sustain the natural world. This […]

03:30 PM

Wild Design that Works: Bringing Native Plants to Town

by Bill Bissett  , Nancy Bissett  ,

CE* Too often, communities struggle with unsuccessfull naturalistic landscapes and native plants. This class goes beyond “right plant, right place” to help professionals educate themselves, their contractors and their clients on how to achieve landscapes that look beautiful, feel comfortable, provide the natural connection we feel when visiting wild areas, and can be successfully maintained. […]

03:30 PM

Ethnobotanical Gardens: Telling Florida’s Cultural History with Native Plants

by Jennifer Marvin  , Gail Hansen  ,

CE* Making landscapes culturally interesting as well as beautiful and sustainable can reap societal benefits in greater social connection and engagement. This class will introduce participants to ethnobotany and the use of ethnobotanical gardens to teach Floridians about the role of native plants in the historical and cultural development of Florida. The major subject areas […]

06:00 PM

Evening social at Motorworks Brewing Company in Bradenton

Show attendees and exhibitors are invited to relax after the show and enjoy live acoustic music, award-winning local brews and yummy fun food from local restaurants and food trucks at Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton’s first craft brewery, housed in a vintage 1923 building originally used as an automobile dealership. Meet outside in Florida’s largest beer garden, […]
FRI Apr 21

08:00 AM

Growing Butterfly Garden Plants

by Craig Huegel 

CE* This course provides landscape professionals with the information they need to design and maintain successful butterfly gardens that look good and can be sustained in the average landscape. Butterfly gardening has become a very popular landscape endeavor and many resources have been developed to identify the plants that are most effective. While matching the […]

08:00 AM

Soils and Plant Nutrition

by A.D. Ali 

CE* Plant health matters! The class will present information on soil basics and how nutrient availability is affected by soil physics and chemistry. Emphasis will be placed on understanding and properly managing soils to provide optimum plant nutrient levels. Nursery and landscape professionals will gain a better understanding of the impact of soils on plant […]

09:00 AM

Lawns to Native Plants: Getting Results

by Steve Turnipseed  , Lloyd Singleton  ,

CE* This course focuses on how lawns and traditional landscapes in managed communities can successfully transform native plantings. The Villages Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS) has more than a dozen significant examples of converted residential landscapes. These landscapes illustrate the success of homeowner education and building the value chain of services to […]

09:00 AM

Using Native Plants as alternatives to invasive or potentially-invasive non-natives

by Sandra Wilson 

FREE with general admission, no registration required. This short course for industry professionals will present the latest research and recommendations for using native plants as alternatives to invasive or potentially invasive non-native ornamentals. Plants discussed will include Lantana, Ligustrum, Nandina, Porterweed, Butterfly Bush, Miscanthus and Pennisetum. Instructor Dr. Sandy Wilson of the University of Florida […]

09:30 AM

Collecting, storing and germinating Sandhill Milkweed

by Gabriel Eduardo Campbell 

FREE short session on Milkweed! for Butterfly and pollinator plant growers Florida’s beautiful native Sandhill Milkweed (Asclepias humistrata), also known as Pineland Purple, fascinates with its large colorful foliage. This species is particularly important for spring breeding Monarch Butterflies in Central and North Florida. Found on exceedingly well drained sandy sites including Northwest Florida beach […]

10:30 AM

Stage near Aisle #900

Meet Mr. Real Florida: Chad Crawford!

by Chad Crawford 

Chad Crawford is the producer, host and creative genius behind the incredibly popular HowtodoFlorida website and TV program that promotes the beauty and enjoyment of all things Florida, particularly the great outdoors and the natural resources our Florida environment provides. Chad has now launched Flip My Florida Yard, a reality TV show that demonstrates how […]


Landscape Awards Presentation

by Craig Huegel 

Show Education Chair Craig Huegel will present the winners of the 5th Annual Real Florida Landscapes™ Design Competition.

12:00 PM

Florida Grades and Standards-Palms

by John Conroy 

Grades & standards for palms have changed! Stay updated with this class taught by a respected industry expert heavily involved with the new standards, John Conroy of Fish Branch Tree Farm. The course will cover: Brief overview of differences between the old and new standards documents Review of concepts in grading glossary relevant to the […]

12:00 PM

OUTSIDE front entrance

Public Plant Sale outside at front entrance

FREE and open to the public outside, no admission required. Serenoa Chapter FNPS is sponsoring a plant sale for the retail gardening public right outside at the front entrance to the Bradenton Area Convention Center. Select from a wide variety of native plants and get the perfect ones for your yard, with tips on selection […]

12:30 PM

Native Landscapes in The Villages: Covenants, Restrictions and Acceptance

by Steve Turnipseed  , Lloyd Singleton  ,

FREE with general admission, no registration required. This short presentation addresses how to overcome the obstacles of implementing a Florida native plant landscape, particularly in managed communities such as homeowner associations (HOAs) and condominium associations. Instructors Steve Turnipseed and Lloyd Singleton have significant experience from The Villages to share, including more than a dozen converted […]

02:15 PM

How do you gain online visibility?

by Michelle Keyser 

FREE Short Session with LocalDirective Marketing Pro Michelle Keyser If you’re interested in selling more, building authority online, growing your brand presence, and creating (or protecting) your good reputation then you can’t miss this session. We will talk about why an online presence is so important and how to build one. 2:15pm Friday April 21, […]

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