Nancy Bissett


Restoration Ecologist, Botanist, Horticulturist
33 years of experience with native plants & landscapes
Vice President and Co-Owner of The Natives Inc.

Nancy has developed techniques for restoring many upland communities including scrub, sandhill, and flatwoods that include site preparation, planting, direct-seeding native groundcovers, and weed control. She has developed and enacted direct seeding projects for state and local agencies, water management districts, mitigation banks, mined lands, developers, and corporations. As the developer of The Natives nursery, Nancy has experimented with the propagation and growth of many natives plants, including grasses, wildflowers, and rare species. As a botanist, Nancy has assisted with monitoring research projects for The Nature Conservancy, Florida Institute of Phosphate Research, and others. She has performed various rare plant and vegetation surveys, and also helped federal, state, and local authorities find and evaluate rare plant communities. Nancy’s work has received awards from The Nature Conservancy and the Florida Native Plant Society, has been published in a variety of scientific journals and magazines, and presented at numerous conferences, and she serves or has served on the board of various conservation and restoration organizations. She has also taught courses for other BoLA approved course providers. Nancy has a B.S. in horticulture and botany from Florida Southern College.

The Natives Inc. is a multidisciplinary firm offering a wide range of services including consulting, restoration design, restoration implementation, landscape architectural services and a wholesale nursery growing only Florida native plants since 1982.