Tom Levin

Tom Levin headshot

Landscape Architect, RLA, ASLA, CLARB, AICP, CEP, Board Certified Environmental Professional
34 years of experience in landscape architecture and planning
President and founder, Ekistics Design Studio

Tom has 30 years of creative experience in site development including site analysis, urban design, sustainable development, stormwater ecology and thematic environmental design. He founded Ekistics Design Studio in 1984 as a Florida planning and design consulting firm offering professional services in urban planning, applied ecology and landscape architecture. Widely recognized for its achievements, Ekistics Design Studio specializes in feasibility analysis, master planning, environmental assessment, landscape planning and urban design. Tom is the lead consultant responsible for ecologically relevant planning and design solutions for private industry and government for commercial, residential, institutional and recreation/conservation development. Ekistics Design Studio has won numerous awards from national professional associations, state and regional municipal agencies and conservation groups. Prior to founding Ekistics Design Studio, Tom was Vice President at R.E. Nelson Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers and Surveyors; Environmental Planner at Biomass Energy System and Ecological Planner at EcoImpact. He has a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Florida.