Beyond Installation: Designing with Maintenance in Mind

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Landscapes are dynamic, continually evolving and changing. Successful landscape design should always address long-term maintenance requirements associated with the evolving landscape. This program will address three “Right Plant, Right Place” strategies to incorporate long-term maintenance beyond landscape installation and establishment. Concluding the program, attendees will be better able to use strategies for native plant selection, design and maintenance that accommodate an evolving landscape.

Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture: Course #: 0011769
Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers: Course #: 9629718
FNGLA: 1 CEU for FNGLA certified horticulture and landscape professionals.
ISA Certified Arborists: pending

1) Introduction
2) Designing with an evolving landscape
a. Determining Landscape Function
b. Long-Term Environmental Changes
c. Long-Term Plant Material Changes
3) Designing for Maintenance
a. Level of Maintenance
b. Type of Maintenance
c. Case-Study
4) Plant Material Source/Selection
a. Selecting Low-Maintenance Plant Material
b. Plant Matchmaking
c. Plant Material Origins
i. Outbreeding Depression
ii. Inbreeding Depression
ii. Plant Success
5) Conclusions

Fees: $28

This session is sponsored by the Native Plant Horticulture Foundation

Community Associations Design Garden/Landscape LA CE credits