Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ for Communities

Classroom A

Water quality and quantity are critical environmental issues in Florida and the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ (FFL) program strives to provide science-based information for the design and maintenance of landscapes that preserve water quality and quantity.

This session reviews how landscapes affect water quality; the main components of a Florida-Friendly landscape; how maintenance plays a role in FFL; success stories of communities that have folllowed Florida-friendly principles, the 2009 FFL legislation, how landscape architects and designers can use FFL principles to improve landscape maintenance; and guidelines for community architectural review boards.


Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture Course #0011038, 1 optional CE (UF/FFL provider #0005337)

FNGLA: 1 credit for FNGLA certified horticulture or landscape professional.

ISA Certified Arborists: Certified Arborist: 1 | Municipal Specialist: 1 BCMA – Management: 1 | TW Climber Specialist: 1 TW Aerial Lift Specialist: 1  


  • major concepts surrounding water quality and quantity problems in Florida,
  • how landscape design and maintenance contribute to the problems and solutions.
  • how to discern a Florida-Friendly Landscape.
  • examples of cost-saving Florida-Friendly practices and how the examples might apply to other communities.
  • how the 2009 legislation on Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ applies to community associations.
  • general information about the nine principles of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ and the Best Management Practices for the Green Industries Program.
  • major landscape maintenance issues and opportunities to improve maintenance.
  • resources that assist with development and review of restrictions and architectural review board guidelines.
  • resources to assist with the review of landscape maintenance contracts for inclusion of Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ principles.

This session is designed as the introduction to a three-part series including Legally Speaking: Florida-Friendly Landscaping in the Planned Community and Bridging the Divid Strategies for Homeowners and HOAs Working Together.

Communities Design ISA Cert Arborist LA CE credits