Germination, flowering and landscape performance of native wildflowers: Balduina angustifolia & Paronychia erecta

Classroom B

NEW results from native plant horticulture research at the University of Florida, where investigators have been evaluating the germination, flowering and landscape performance of Coastal Honeycombhead (Balduina angustifolia) and Squareflower (Paronychia erecta) under varying conditions.

Coastal Honeycombhead is native to most of Florida and the coasts of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. It is characterized as an herbaceous annual or biennial with green linear foliage, bright yellow ray and disk flowers, and persistent, honeycomb-shaped seed heads. Due to its charismatic nature and fall flowering time, Coastal Honeycomb is a suitable candidate for commercial introduction as an ornamental plant.

Squareflower is native to the Florida Panhandle and the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. It’s a low-growing, herbaceous species with pink/purple to green foliage with white, multi-branched flowers that form characteristic square shapes. This species flowers profusely and is green all year round, making it a beautiful addition to the landscape.