Landscape Industry Trends and the Path to Sustainability

Classroom B
The goal of this session is to encourage horticulture and landscape industry professionals to adapt current practices to meet growing environmental challenges and market demand for more sustainable landscaping. The class explores trends in today’s landscape industry today and how the industry is evolving toward a more sustainable approach to landscaping in Florida. Attendees will learn about the impacts of the great recession and Hurricane Irma on nursery supply, new trends in irrigation technology, soil and nutrient management, and plant species selections. CONTINUING EDUCATION (CEUs)

Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture Course #0011354, 1 optional CE.

FNGLA: 1 credit for FNGLA certified horticulture or landscape professional.

ISA Certified Arborists: Certified Arborist: 1 | Municipal Specialist: 1 BCMA Management: 1 | TW Climber Specialist: 1 TW Aerial Lift Specialist: 1   TOPICS COVERED
  • Recent history and the impacts of the great recession on nursery supply and industry structure Impacts of Hurricane Irma on nursery supply
  • 5 year forecast for nursery supply
  • Trends in plant material selections for sustainable landscapes
  • Trends in irrigation design and technology
  • The merging of ornamental landscapes with ecosystem services and green infrastructure
  • The need for holistic, cradle to grave approach to landscape, design, implementation and maintenance
Green Business ISA Cert Arborist LA CE credits