Landscaping with Florida Native Vines

Classroom B

Vines are a forgotten group of native wildflowers not often seen in public or private landscapes, yet they deserve space in our gardens. Some have very showy flowers, some attract a bounty of butterflies and other pollinators, many species attract resident and migratory songbirds, and some serve as important larval hosts for butterflies and moths.

Vines can be particularly helpful to:

  • Add color and privacy to a chainlink fence.
  • Add shade and color to an arbor across a formal entranceway, or to a pergola over a walkway.
  • Use on trellises or even as groundcovers to add interest to gardens.
  • Use to deter entry onto private property.

The instructor will present several Florida native vines and discuss how to select and use them.


Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture applied for, Course # 0011353, 1 optional CE.

FNGLA: 1 credit for FNGLA certified horticulture or landscape professional.

THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR: This session is sponsored by, which specializes in online sales of pesticide free, Florida native local ecotype plants. sponsor of Native Plant Show  
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