Native Grasses, Rushes & Sedges for Florida Landscapes

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Native grasses, rushes, and sedges can play an important part in our landscapes by offering unique textures, accents, stability and natural settings for wildflowers, as well as year-round changes in color. Though pink muhly grass is well known, there are many species now available from native plant nurseries and even more that could be used. The instructor will discuss the characteristics of each species and how they can be used in a landscape as well as their maintenance needs. Grasses have been widely used to make meadow gardens throughout the country, but we have just begun to use our unique grass and grass-like flora in Florida. Attendees will learn about and become inspired to take advantage of the many possibilities.

Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture: Course #: 0011772
Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers: Course # 9629742

A brief introduction to the confusing world of grass and grass-likes
A look at how we find them in Florida’s natural areas.
Grass, rush and sedge species (for each)
Description, including possible confusion with similar species
Natural habitats
Changes through the seasons
Possible uses through examples
Planting, care, and maintenance needs
A few overlooked species that could be brought into cultivation

Fee: $38 This session is sponsored by the Florida Wildflower Foundation Florida Wildflower Foundation Pine Sponsor Native Plant Show
Community Associations Design Garden/Landscape LA CE credits Plants