Native Trees & Shrubs of South Florida: Guided Tour

Florida has the third greatest diversity of native plants of any state in the U.S., including more than 800 species of woody plants. South Florida has a number of beautiful trees and shrubs uniquely adapted to tropical hammock and rockland situations. Despite such an expansive palette to select from, relatively few are used with regularity in the landscapes installed in urban and suburban communities. The historical tendency to use non-native plants has reduced both biodiversity and our sense of place. This hands-on outdoor class serves as an introduction to the diversity of native woody plants suitable for use in developed landscapes in South Florida. Organized as an educational walking tour, the class will focus on beautiful, under used trees and shrubs well adapted to South Florida urban and coastal landscapes, as evidenced by demonstration gardens presented during the tour. Aesthetic, selection and maintenance characteristics will be covered for more than a dozen species, including plants which are available but less well known. Participants will become familiar with the unique attributes and landscape requirements of the plants, including selection, installation and maintenance needs.

  • Introduction/Definitions
  • Landscaping with a Purpose
  • Best Trees
  • Best Shrubs

Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture: Course #: 0011767
Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers: pending
FNGLA: pending
ISA Certified Arborists: 1, BCMA-Science: 1, TW Climber Specialist: 1, TW Aerial Lift Specialist: 1, Municipal Specialist: 1

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