Pruning and Maintenance of Florida Native Plants

Classroom A

While native landscapes can be very low maintenance, there is no such thing as “no maintenance” if you want a landscape that looks good to people.

This talk will focus on all things pruning, from tools to tactics and timing. Participants will come away with a greater understanding of the core principles of pruning Florida native plants, including how and when to prune different categories of plants and the proper tools and techniques to use.

The instructor will also cover tips and tricks to keeping the whole landscape looking great year round. With a well designed, established native landscape, you can minimize hours spent in maintenance and maximize your enjoyment.

FNGLA Certified Horticulture & Landscape Professionals: 1 credit ISA Certified Arborists: Certified Arborist: 0.75 | Municipal Specialist: 0.75 BCMA – Practice: 0.75 | TW Climber Specialist: 0.75 TW Aerial List Specialist: 0.75  
Garden/Landscape ISA Cert Arborist Plants