Transforming Landscapes in an Age of Rapid Change

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This course explores the urgent need for transformative change in the planning and management of landscapes in Florida. With 1,000 new residents a day, an expanding transportation grid, and a rising sea, it is critical that industry professionals design, construct, and manage resilient and sustainable landscapes that:
1) restore degraded ecosystems
2) better connect conservation lands through both the developed urban matrix and productive agricultural lands
3) provide essential ecosystem services such as clean water, climate change adaptation, and aesthetic beauty.
While non-native species will play a role in these new landscapes, native plants will be the foundation, and native ecosystems the inspiration for design. Focusing on South Florida, the instructor will review concepts and tools available to design sustainable landscapes, choose appropriate native plants, augment populations of birds, butterflies and other beneficial wildlife, and deliver biodiversity and ecosystem benefits across a range of land-use types.


Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture: Course# 0011791
Regulatory Council of Community Association Managers: pending
FNGLA: 1 CEU for FNGLA certified horticulture and landscape professionals.

  • Importance of sustainable landscapes to the future of Florida
  • Current landscape practice
  • Review of current, unsustainable landscape practices
  • Review of current sustainable industry innovation
  • Future sustainability concepts and tools
  • Delivery of useful and accurate native plant data
  • Progressive industry standards
  • Future design concepts
  • Potential Impacts and Marketing
  • Impacts of individual landscapes
  • Impacts of sustainable, native-based landscapes at the landscape scale
  • Marketing the vision

    Fee: $28

This session is sponsored by the Native Plant Horticulture Foundation

Community Associations Design Green Business LA CE credits