Weedology 101

Classroom A

Whether its preparing to plant or maintaining what you’ve planted, there’s no way to get around the need to weed. So become an expert and stay on top of it.

This session is a fun, informative and inspiring exploration of the history, science and techniques of weeding.

Think you hate weeding? Be prepared for an attitude adjustment as the instructors share their expertise and experience with the psychological and spiritual aspects of this critical garden task.


Florida DBPR Board of Landscape Architecture Course # 0011360, 1 optional CE.

FNGLA: 1 credit for FNGLA certified horticulture or landscape professional.


  • What is a weed and what is weeding?
  • What do weeds cost? And who pays for them?
  • Categories of weeds: invasive, aggressive, weedy
  • What does research say about weeds?
  • Weeditiquette: the techniques and tools of a successful weeder
  • Removal and prevention techniques
  • HAND WEEDING 101: proper hand weeding techniques
  • Types of weed killer: natural ingredients and chemical methods
  • Where do you put all those weeds you just pulled?
  • The Zen of Weeding: spiritual and meditative benefits of pulling weeds
  • Psychology: why don’t we like to weed?
  • Practical weeding wisdom
  • Resources for even more weeding wisdom

Weedology handouts provided for attendees.

Garden/Landscape LA CE credits