Brian Niemann

Brian Niemann

Pinellas County Extension

Pinellas County Florida Friendly Landscaping Program™ Extension Agent

12 years experience in the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program

Brian is a former Extension Agent and state specialist with the University of Florida/IFAS Extension, with formal training in Landscape Architecture. Brian enjoys blending his knowledge of landscape design and landscape management to create engaging presentations. In Brian’s current role with as the Green Industries Best Management Practices West Regional Coordinator for UF/IFAS Extension, he works to recruit and train volunteer instructors from Extension and private industry.

Bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture, University of Florida.

Creating Wildlife Habitat

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In Florida, urban areas are a dominant feature in the landscape, and many of these urban areas are situated near natural wildlife preserves. What people do in their own yards and neighborhoods affects local and nearby wildlife populations. In this course, we will discuss steps to create and save wildlife habitat in urban areas and […]

Community Associations Design Garden/Landscape ISA Cert Arborist LA CE credits