Bryon White

Bryon White

Yaupon Brothers American Tea

Co-Founder and CEO of Yaupon Brothers American Tea

7 years experience in growing and harvesting Yaupon

Bryon is the Co-Founder and CEO of Yaupon Brothers American Tea. An avid naturalist and native plant admirer, Bryon has years of experience in the Yaupon industry. In 2012, Bryon and his brother, Kyle, introduced the first commercial supply of Yaupon Holly Tea into commerce in more than a century. He continues to focus on expanding the Yaupon supply chain, and he’s passionate about Florida native agriculture and ecosystems. Bryon and Kyle co-founded the American Yaupon Association, which brings Yaupon growers and producers together to establish industry standards and marketing initiatives. Bachelor of Science in legal studies, University of Central Florida. Master of Science in criminal justice administration, Loyola University New Orleans.

Yaupon Tea: The Revival of a Real Florida Crop

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Five hundred years ago, nearly a million native people lived on the Florida peninsula. Aside from hunting and gathering, these native people were sustained by a native food system. Fast forward to today, and Florida’s massive agricultural industry is a system under stress. Yaupon Brother’s has re-imagined a native food system with an emergent Yaupon […]

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