Carlee Steppe

Carlee Steppe

University of Florida
Emerging Horticulturist and Graduate Student

Master’s Student, Environmental Horticulture Department at the University of Florida

Carlee’s research focus is the introduction of native plants into the landscape market. As an undergraduate at Clemson University, she worked in several different research labs with the propagation of endangered and native plants. Additionally, she worked for two and half years at the South Carolina Botanic Garden. Upon graduation, she took a job with the Chicago Botanic Garden and Bureau of Land Management collecting native seed in the Mojave Desert.

Carlee received her Bachelors of Science in Conservation Biology from Clemson University.

Carlee hopes to continue on and receive her Ph.D. in Horticulture focusing on native plant propagation and preservation of imperiled plant species.

Germination, flowering and landscape performance of native wildflowers: Balduina angustifolia & Paronychia erecta

Classroom B

NEW results from native plant horticulture research at the University of Florida, where investigators have been evaluating the germination, flowering and landscape performance of Coastal Honeycombhead (Balduina angustifolia) and Squareflower (Paronychia erecta) under varying conditions. Coastal Honeycombhead is native to most of Florida and the coasts of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. It is characterized as […]