George Gann

George Gann

Institute for Regional Conservation
Ecologist, Nonprofit Leader

Executive Director and Chief Conservation Strategist

30+ years of experience in native plant community conservation and restoration

George cofounded the Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC) in 1984, and in 1986, founded Ecohorizons, a private environmental consulting and contracting firm. George has personally conducted extensive field research and managed large, multi-faceted research and conservation projects such as the Floristic Inventory for South Florida (FISF), Rare Plant Monitoring and Restoration on Long Pine Key (Everglades National Park), and Natives For Your Neighborhood, a web-based resource for native plant gardening and restoration in urban and suburban areas. He serves as the International Policy Lead for the Society for Ecological Restoration.

George has published more than 100 articles, technical reports, websites, and the book Rare Plants of South Florida: Their History, Conservation, and Restoration (Gann, Bradley and Woodmansee 2002), to numerous positive reviews from peers and the journal Ecological Restoration. The FISF Database Online and other IRC online resources are widely used by academia, land managers, and botany enthusiasts.

Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Conservation and International Affairs, University of Colorado Boulder.

Natives for Your Neighborhood

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Today we have more garden, landscape and plant information available to us than ever before, much of it easily accessed online. Unfortunately, much of the data provided stems from other regions of the country or world, and does not focus on local adaptations, ecotypes, behaviors and relationships with other species. Learn why using highly localized, […]

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Transforming Landscapes in an Age of Rapid Change

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This course explores the urgent need for transformative change in the planning and management of landscapes in Florida. With 1,000 new residents a day, an expanding transportation grid, and a rising sea, it is critical that industry professionals design, construct, and manage resilient and sustainable landscapes that: 1) restore degraded ecosystems 2) better connect conservation […]

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