Jono Miller

Jono Miller

Natural Historian, Environmental Educator

49 years experience in natural history and activism in Southwest FL

Jono Miller is the retired former Director of the New College of Florida Environmental Studies Program, his undergraduate alma mater. He is a natural historian and activist with 49 years experience in Southwest Florida. Since 1982, he has exhibited a particular interest in our state tree, the cabbage palm, which resulted in his Masters thesis: A Humble Vulgar Tree: Explorations of the Natural and Cultural History of the Cabbage Palm, Sabal Palmetto. Jono currently has a contract with the University of Florida Press to write a book based on his cabbage palm research and observations.

B.A., environmental studies, New College, Sarasota

M.L.A., Florida Studies Program, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Understanding Cabbage Palms

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The cabbage palm, Sabal palmetto, is a native landscape workhorse, with a lot of strengths and a few notable weaknesses. Join us in an exploration of what cabbage palms can and cannot do in the landscape. We’ll review the role of the cabbage palm in natural landscapes and how the palm’s natural behaviors translate into […]

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