Marc Godts

Marc Godts

Green Isle Gardens Nursery
Native Nursery Owner, Experienced Landscape Contractor

Owner, Green Isle Gardens Nursery

30+ years of experience in landscaping and native plant horticulture

Marc is an experienced manager, grower, and designer, with installation and maintenance experience. Marc’s philosophy is to use native plants as the foundation of all landscapes and to garden with appropriate non-invasive exotics. His favorite work is planting and maintaining natural areas for wildlife. His favorite fun is enjoying natural areas and photographing wildlife, both in Florida and elsewhere. Green Isle Gardens specializes in native plant cultivation, landscape design, installation, and maintenance, and provides service to both wholesale and retail customers.  The nursery offers 150+ species of native plants, and specializes in milkweed propagation research. Green Isle’s portfolio includes a wide variety of projects in the Central Florida area, with an emphasis on upscale residences.  Another important project with local partners is the ongoing rescue and propagation of listed upland plant species specifically for restoration projects at Lake Louisa State Park and sites owned by the St. Johns River Water Management District, among others. Green Isle Gardens Nursery has been a FANN member for over 18 years and is also a member of the Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS). Marc volunteers on rare plant rescues and surveys with FNPS and The Nature Conservancy.  He received FNPS “Green Palmetto” awards for public service in 2009 and 2015, and was awarded the 2016 FNPS Landscape Design Award for Excellence for his concept in residential landscape design for the Turnipseed home in The Villages.   Former general manager of one of Central Florida’s largest landscape construction firms, Dobson’s Woods and Water, Marc’s professional experience portfolio includes theme park projects, education facilities, state and municipal projects, restoration plantings, hotels, streetscapes and specialty home projects. With years of experience in management, Marc has the ability to resolve problems and bring projects from concept to final design intent. B.S. Horticulture from University of South Florida

Lessons Learned in Using Native Plants

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This panel session provides attendees with important insights gained from decades of experience installing and maintaining a variety of native plant projects for urban landscapes and restoration. The discussion will explore common pitfalls — and solutions — on native landscape projects and strategies for achieving success with native plants. Topics explored will include: Plant selection […]

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