Marjorie Shropshire

Marjorie Shropshire

Shark River Creative
Author, Artist, Advocate


30+ years experience in art and graphic design

Marjorie Shropshire is the founder of Shark River Creative and the author of multiple books including co-authoring A Step-by-Step Guide to a Florida Native Yard (available at the show). She is also editor of the Palmetto, the magazine of the Florida Native Plant Society. Marjorie has experience in advertising and design for aviation, health care, and finance industries, but now specializes in working with environmental education centers and non-profits. As a visual artist, her work is deeply concerned with the conservation of Florida’s natural areas. Recent projects include creating trail signage, traveling displays, interactive exhibits, and web design for The Florida Wildflower Foundation, Environmental Learning Center and The National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.

Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, University of Miami

Currently pursuing Master’s in design and visual communications, University of Florida.

Step by Step to Your Florida Native Yard

Board Room

Have a small yard filled with non-native plants? Eager to cut down on the use of chemicals and water in your landscape? Wondering how to begin to transform it to This workshop will help you get started on your own personal sustainable landscape transformation project. Learn how to think about your property’s potential for ecological function […]

Community Associations Design Garden/Landscape ISA Cert Arborist LA CE credits