Sean Patton

Sean Patton

Stocking Savvy
Biologist, Small Business Owner

Owner of Stocking Savvy

2 years experience as biologist working with wetlands, lakes, and ponds

Sean is the founder and owner of Stocking Savvy and has worked as an aquatic biologist in Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Stocking Savvy was founded in 2018 and is a small environmental consulting business providing services to Central Florida. The company uses biological systems, native plant species, harvesting, and a coalition of green businesses to restore habitat across Florida.

Sean has a degree from New College of Florida in Marine Biology.

Aquatic Butterfly Gardens and Shoreline Plantings

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Learn to use ecological principles and native species — plants, fish and insects — to maintain healthy ponds.  Attendees will discover native aquatic plants that can be used in shoreline plantings and how to create diverse living shorelines. The class will cover native aquatic plants, including less commonly used species, that can be used in […]

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