Tamar Burton

Tamar Burton

Co-founder & Chief Experience Officer

23 years of experience in public relations and brand development

7 years of experience in tech start-ups and social media communications

Tamar has a broad business background in South Florida spanning public education, finance, real estate and communications. She’s also part of the intensity of today’s tech culture in San Francisco, where she is a leader at Tradepal, an edtech platform focused on learning and collaboration within organizations. Tamar’s interest is education technology, student success, sustainability and the future of work. She is the sister of Janine Griffiths, owner of Green Thumb Inc., FANN Board Member and Education Committee Chair.

Developing Your Social Media Roadmap

Classroom B

Developing a social media strategy for a company is a complex task. Getting that strategy integrated into your company is another step. This session offers an informative overview with real examples of content, tips, tricks and early stage growth. Attendees will come away with the knowledge of how to build a social media roadmap, the […]

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